Nippers – Call for Age Managers

So many people are keen for Nippers to start,
it should be one of our biggest and best years yet!…But did you know?

We urgently need new & returning volunteers to be
Age Managers

Otherwise we can’t include as many children under the regulations.
There are set ratios for the number of children per Age Manager, more kids requires more Age Mangers!
We also need Water Safety Volunteers. So if we get more people as Age Managers,
it frees-up our qualified Water Safety people to be in the water with the nippers.

An Age Manager doesn’t ‘have’ to teach surf,
be a rescuer or even get wet .

All the Age Manager has to do is organise the excited kids and get them to the people who will run the beach and surf activities.
This season, the plan is further develop the activity stations, such as the beach sprint track, flags, board and swim areas.
Our aim is to have members dedicated to each discipline or area that run the activities.

There is a One Day Course for Age Managers
16th September at Black Head Surf Club

Designed to help with everything you will need to know to support our nippers activities as an Age Manager.
The Course is 16th September at Black Head Surf Club commencing at 9am, All Age Managers, Assistant Age
Managers, Nipper Mentors, Junior Development Executives are to attend. Also we will be running
the new Age Managers Course , for anyone who needs to do their Age Managers course are to attend as well,

Get a friend/fellow parent involved as-well, we encourage job sharing!

So please do something to help get our kids going and keep going this season.

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