Bronze Medallion and SRC Course

What is it?

The Bronze Medallion is a certificate 2 in Public Safety. With this award you can help us patrol the beach with other volunteers as well as provide water safety for junior activities and compete in Surf Sports.  It is also the stepping stone to awards and qualifications in IRB’s, RWC’s , Training & Assessing and advanced emergency care.

Who can do it? 

Those aged 15+ can do their Bronze. Those aged 13+ can complete a SRC (Surf Rescue Certificate) that enables them to complete patrols and train for additional awards.

When is it?

We are running our first course between November and December 2016. The first day, and an information session on all further course requirements, is being held on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8th from 6:00 to 8pm.

From that point you will need to be available for the following in order to complete your Bronze Medallion

  • One-week night theory session (on a day most beneficial to the entire group)
  • One weekend day practical sessions (a mixture of Saturday’s & Sunday’s)

Our aim will be to have you feeling confident and ready to become bronze proficient in early December for the beginning of our core patrolling season.

What do I learn from the course?

  • Surf Skills – A bronze holder is trained to complete a 200 metre Run, 200 metre Swim & 200 meter run.
  • Skills in communication, first aid, radio operations, beach management, chain of survival and aquatic rescue.

The Forms:-

Bronze Outline

How to Access Online Course Content

Course Schedule


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