Bronze Squad Meeting

We are holding a pre-start Bronze Course

9am on Monday the 2nd October 2017.

The ‘Bronze Medallion’ course provides entry level surf safety, rescue and first aid skills and qualifies you to participate in many surf life-saving activities. These include the various forms of competition, patrols and assisting with water safety to keep our nipper program running for the kids. There are also further awards you can continue on with such as Jetski or IRB drivers and crew certificates, Advanced First Aid, Patrol Captains or even the Gold Medallion which is the qualification for professional Lifeguard work.

If you would like to take part in the Bronze Course please attend
or for more information please contact Mark via

Before attending please join the Club and pay the relevant fee ($60).
Join online at

Look forward to seeing everyone there.
It will be a good chance to meet our trainers and pick a suitable date as well as outlining the course.

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