Nippers Swim Proficiency

Thursday 2nd 4-5pm & Saturday 4th December 10-11am

Nippers Swim Proficiency

Junior preliminary skills assessment

Where: Lani's caravan park swimming pool

When: Age Groups Under 8's and up will have two assessment sessions - please attend one or the other:

  • Thursday 2nd December 4-5pm
  • Saturday 4th December 10-11am

As you know, the Nippers need to be swim assessed before entering the ocean with us.

Many thanks to Lani's who are very supportive of our Nippers and a great friend of the Surf Club.

You are welcome to bring along goggles and a wetsuit. All parents and carers in attendance must be double-vaxxed.

Age groups Under 6 & 7 - we have decided that their swim assessments will take place during the first Nippers session on 5 Dec - so no need to come to these additional assessment sessions. But you are still invited to come along to pick up your gear (cap and rashie)

If you are unsure of the Age Group your child will fall into, please refer to the Nippers Handbook. Please do check if you are uncertain, as the Surf Lifesaving Age Groups are sorted a bit differently to usual.

Also in the handbook is a list of the assessment your child will need to do. Please note that if you child struggles with the assessment - they can still do Nippers. It is simply so that we can be aware of those Nippers needing extra support (to ensure their safety in the ocean).

Gear pick-up will also available at the above times. For those who still have outstanding payments for their gear, there will be payment facilities available.

Any questions at all, please email

Details of the swim and float proficiency requirement for each age group are below:

Under 8's

Under 9's

Under 10's

Under 11's

Under 12's

Under 13's

Under 14's