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Complete the Bronze or SRC Course
and become an Active Surf Life-Saver.

What is it?
The Bronze Medallion is a certificate 2 in Public Safety. With this award you can help us patrol the beach with other volunteers as well as provide water safety for junior activities and compete in Surf Sports.  It is also the stepping stone to awards and qualifications in IRB’s, RWC’s , Training & Assessing and advanced emergency care.

Who can do it?
Those aged 15+ can do their Bronze. Those aged 13+ can complete a SRC (Surf Rescue Certificate) that enables them to complete patrols and train for additional awards.

When is it?
We are running our second course this year between February and March. The first day, and an information session on all further course requirements was held on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27th  – but please contact if you are interested in this course.

The course is due for completion on Sunday March 27. Training sessions will be held on Saturday 27 March, Saturday 5 March, Sunday 13 March & Sunday March 20. There will also be 3 additional weekly theory sessions.  Please note, our aim to help as many people who want to complete these qualifications to do so, so please talk to us about the course requirements should they cause individual clashes.

What do I need to do before the course?
Prior to starting the course participants complete a pool swim of 400 metres. This is to ensure that participants are capable of being in the Old Bar Surf. This will be arranged once enrolled in the course.

What do I learn from the course?board

  • Surf Skills – A bronze holder is trained to complete a 200 metre Run, 200 metre Swim & 200 meter run.
  • Skills in communication, first aid, radio operations, beach management, chain of survival and aquatic rescue.

Lesson Plan
Click here for the Training Schedule Feb & March Overview 2016 v2Jane and Tate

  • Trainers are Jane Lynch & Tate Muscio
  • Corinne Stevenson is your assessor

The online component of the course is through the Surf Life-Saving Members Portal:-

If your not yet a member, follow these links to Join.

For more information email or use the form below




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