Meet the Executive

Jane Lynch



The 2021 season is Jane's fourth term as TOBSLSC President. Jane has been on previous executive committees as Director of Members Services, Secretary & Club Captain. 

In addition to her role as president, Jane patrols on team 5, age manages the Under 12's + age group in our Junior Activities program, and trains our new Bronze & SRC Squads.  Jane was initially in the club as a nipper and returned in 2005 to gain her Bronze Medallion & further qualifications.

Donna White

Vice President


Donna has accepted the casual vacancy in the Vice President role for the 2021 season.

Donna first qualified for her bronze in 1989 and has some brilliant stories from her time patrolling, surf boat & IRB racing with Taree Old Bar.

Donna returned to Taree Old Bar in 2018 after an extended absence travelling the world and raising kids. She is a member of patrol team 5 and also assist with community events & nippers.

As part of the VP role Donna will be assisting to coordinate community events and sponsorships, as well as the day to day requirements of the VP Role.

Michael Cameron

Director of Finance


Michael joined our club in 2015, gaining his  Bronze Medallion in that year. 

In 2016, he was one of the original executive members who brought our club out of administration. He has remained in that position since and over this time , has been instrumental in providing TOBSLSC with strong leadership & governance. Micheal was recognised for this, being named the SLSNSW Administrator of the Year in 2019 for his tireless work with our club. 

Michael patrols with team 5, is our IRBC trainer and is currently overseeing our major club capital works program.

Kurt Schirmer

Director of Administration


Kurt joined our club in 2019 and immediately became a member of our executive. Kurt has held this role for three consecutive seasons. 

Kurt has been a leader in updating all our compliance & governance which has allowed us to regularly apply and receive grants.

Kristy Franc

Director of Member Services


Kristy joined our club in 2016 as a nipper parent. In 2018, when we called for support in overseeing our nippers program, Kristy stepped into the JAC role and in 2020 became our Director of Member Services. In the last few seasons, Kristy has revolutionised and revitalised our Nippers program, gaining us more volunteers and creating an effective structure, which has in turn, seen us increase our membership by 50%.

Dean Donovan

Director of Lifesaving


Dean joined our club in 2016 and was a member of one of our earliest, post administration, Bronze Squads, gaining his award in 2016. 

He joined the executive committee as Surf Sports Director in 2017, and stepped into the Director of Lifesaving role in 2018, and is currently in his 4th year in that role. 

Dean regularly checks in on all patrols, makes sure they are fed & watered and works hard to make sure all patrollers feel appreciated & supported.

Darren Moses

Director of Education


Darren is a product of Taree Old Bar gaining his junior activity awards and SRC with our club. Darren gained his Bronze Medallion in 2008. 

After leaving the area for work, Darren returned as a member in 2019, with a myriad of awards. He currently patrols with Team 1. 

 In 2020 he stepped into the role of our Director of Education and is currently in his second year as an executive member.

Kasey Brown

Director of Surf Sports


Kasey gained her Bronze Medallion in our club in 2019. Kasey took on the Director of Surf Sports role in 2020 season and is currently in her second season on the executive. Our club is ecstatic to have somebody with her prolific sporting achievements in our club, let alone on our executive.  Kasey patrols on Patrol team 1, and assists in all aspects of nippers, having managed the 6 &7's in 2020. In addition to her role in TOBSLSC Kasey was named the 2021 Australia Day Ambassador for the Manning Region.